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October 02, 2009


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I am very disappointed associate members can't vote

if there is one thing about SIOP that really bugs me is that members with "only" an MA/MS are treated like second class citizens.

I am disappointed that students cannot vote.

While we HOPE the acronym for the Society for Organizational Psychology will be TSOP, the reality is that SOP will likely be used. It will be an embarrassment.

I was intrigued by the previous post on shared acronyms, so I decided to look into whether these might develop into a real problem for SIOP.

Here are the rankings for the major sites representing the current SWP, SWOP, and SIOP according to Alexa.com (Internet traffic ranking site)

siop.org (SIOP):
354,764 - Alexa Traffic Ranking
164,149 - United States Ranking

themilitant.com (SWP):
794,755 - Alexa Traffic Ranking
194,100 - United States Ranking

swop-usa.org (SWOP): 29,463,375 - Alexa Traffic Ranking
Unranked - United States Ranking

swop-usa.org receives insignificant amounts of traffic compared to SIOP.

While the Socialist Workers Party is competitive in traffic rankings, one of the it's largest sites themilitant.org doesn't show on the first 10 pages of a google search for SWP.

This is not to say that shared acronyms won't be a problem for sure. But based on current trends, it looks like SIOP members won't have too much to be worried about as far as google searches go.

I thought it might be a useful exercise to list the other organizations and techniques that share these acronyms. My favorites are "SWP: Socialist Workers Party" and "SWOP: Sex Workers Outreach Project." See this link: http://bit.ly/HcjNH

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