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November 24, 2009


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I keep my fingers crossed, so that there is no change of name, because if I have a degree with the name of industrial and organizational psychology, and is really difficult and hard to find job and a good work; today, with too much charlatans who are surrounding us, there is no doubt that the name change will provide a circus job in marketing.
Moreover, the reference is quite clear on the historical and scientific legacy that brought us I-O specialists.
Is time to maintain and consolidate us in the professional way, the criteria for what we have been distinguished ourselves through our practices over the years!
I think that will be not a change of SIOP name, and that's good, but I also think it's time to take the initiative and burn the investiture of the ignorance of always. It is too clear thata they down our professional profile through unscrupulous interventions of non criteria charlatans, pseudo-scientists, who have taken control of our specialty and has viciously thumbed our own knowledge of some sectors in unscrupulous marketing, so that as many of us do not have credibility, but despite that we always do the best jobs and more difficult for others.
The shallowness of the monkeys charlatans hurt us greatly, it is time to change the history friends I-O, It's time to start the battle in defense of our knowledge, in defense of what has made us strong and discerning, something more than just a professional, but to transform ourselves into true artists of processors and continuous improvement of real applied work, and in knowledge and science. What are we waiting for? Go, go, go!

Excuse translation... but is easy to understand.

I am very much opposed to changing SIOP to TSOP (Organizational Psychology). I work within the Training Division of a large organization, and am constantly sent information from colleges offering programs or degrees in Organizational Leadership, Organizational Management, etc. (A web search will illustrate this.) These are usually very general degree programs. I do believe that we would be confused with graduates of such programs. Although the word Industrial is not entirely appropriate in 2009, it is part of our brand and plays a major role in identifying our distinct, specialized discipline. Furthermore, for those who DO know what we do, Industrial Psychologists are still how we are usually known. We already spend a great deal of time explaining to others exactly what we do. Now we will have to answer additional questions for those who DO understand our profession; e.g., Why is your name changing? Are you doing different work now? Are you representing different people? Changing the name of our organization may be seen to many as changing the profession itself. The point made by an earlier poster that www.tsop.org isn't available is also very problematic. Thank you for reading this long post.


Vote "No" to keep SIOP's good name. There is no real benefit to changing the name but heavy cost.

SIOP was created in 1982. After 27 years, SIOP is finally getting some name recognition in the WSJ, EEOC, OFCCP, and courts. Changing SIOP's name to TSOP will cause much confusion and set us back another 27 years.

Of course, SIOP will have the extra expense of changing its logo, letterhead, website, and publications to reflect the new name.

But how silly will we all feel having to add the following statement to our resumes, publications, and papers for the next 27 years: "The Society for Organizational Psychology (TSOP), formerly known as the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP)."

Vote "No" to avoid these problems and keep SIOP as SIOP.


^owned by someone else

another reason we shouldn't change the name

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