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January 28, 2010


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Something I just learned recently - you need to be a member of APA or APS in order to JOIN SIOP, but ongoing membership in either society is not required once you are a SIOP member.

To clarify, while APA, APS, CPA and/or EAWOP membership is required of applicants for SIOP Member and Associate membership statuses, continuing membership in one of those four outside organizations is NOT required beyond the first year of SIOP membership. For membership application requirements, please visit www.siop.org/joinsiop.aspx.If you have questions about SIOP membership or dues in general, please contact siop@siop.org. Thank you!

-SIOP Administrative Office Staff

Personally, I am against a dues increase at this time. I don't have money to spare for much of anything, let alone professional organizations.

Also, I saw something in the statement that gave me pauise:

"Even with this increase, our dues will continue to be much lower than those of similar organizations that offer comparable services. The extra funding will be an important step toward bringing our dues up to par with comparable organizations..."

Why is raising our dues to match other organizations' dues a good thing? That doesn't make sense to me, but it seems to make cents for the SIOP board.

While I'm not thrilled with the idea of increased dues, I believe that the explaination given of the increased operating costs make sense. However, my understanding is that in order to become a professional member of SIOP (this is my last year as a student member), we have to maintain membership with APA. I belong to APS as opposed to APA for the pure reason that I don't believe APA well represents our field or our issues any longer. However, going forward I will have to pick up a membership with an organization that I don't want to associate with in order to associate with one that I do (i.e., SIOP). Thus, APA dues *and* increased SIOP dues doesn't sit well together. Perhaps removing the APA requirement would help alleviate the cost increase of the SIOP dues?

See ya.

I hope that you do not decide to raise the dues. So many of us are displaced workers, students, or both! I think you would see a decline in membership if you do raise membership fees.

TEA. Keep rate lower.

associate members should get a dues reduction sine we dont matter

I feel that 15% is a huge increase in one year. The economy is still shedding jobs and many find it difficult to make ends meet. The timing couldn't be worse.

I am an International Affiliate member, based in Nigeria. I have actually benefited a lot being a member of SIOP. However, I would like the fees for International Affiliate members to remain what it is now or a subsidy be introduced for members who are interested in SIOP but find it a bit difficult to pay the dues. Some of us in developing economies find it extreemly difficult to pay the fees. From your record, you can observe that I hardly meet up with the deadlines for renewal of membership.

I believe the fee increase of a whopping 15% to be unjustified. At a time when there is a global recession and fees for most services are either static or reduced it makes no sense that SIOP increases fees

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