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January 06, 2012


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I feel like this means that the glass ceiling has been broken. As a female myself, i aspire to achieve the highest i can in life. Women are often shut down and given false hope about reaching that top tier in the working world. It is extremely hard for a female to get the same respect as a male in the same position she is in. women are looked down upon as not being as great as men and i totally disagree. now i understand that there are jobs that may be more suited for men and jobs that are more suited for females, but that does not mean that neither sex could prosper in either category. seeing that there is a total of 18 female ceo's right now gives me so much hope and inspiration to be the best i can be and reach that top position because it is possible and it has been done.

Personally, I do not understand why anyone- man or women- would want to be a CEO of an enormous company anyway. For me, the sacrifices and stress level could never be worth the prestige and salary. Then again… perhaps I think this way because I’m a woman?!?

To answer your question, I say “neither” and, along the lines of Mindy’s comment, that we should take a lesson from positive psychology and strengths-based thinking and spend more time talking about what has and will continue to advance equality and less time dwelling on what might or used to hold us back!

Chin-Ning Chu in her book The Art of War for Women (http://chinningchu.com/theartofwarforwomen/pages/preface.php) wrote “it is not the glass ceiling itself that is mighty in and of itself- it is our belief that it will hold us back that gives it power” (p. 70). In a self-fulfilling prophesy, those who think it will hold them back create their own psychological barriers to success. I think she summarizes it well by noting that “Successful women worldwide have one thing in common: They don’t see the glass ceiling” (p. 75).

So, when can we expect there to be 250 female CEOs among the Fortune 500?

Great point Mindy! Thanks for sharing!

If we have to ask the question about whether the glass ceiling is shattered, or even cracked, the answer is "no" for both. When the fact that a new CEO of a Fortune 500 is a woman is NOT the important part of the story, then we'll have achieved something.

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